Seun Solanke is a wife, a mom, a speaker and a writer. She is passionate about seeing people fulfil their God designed plan for their lives.  Seun is a woman who believes that everyone should enjoy a wholesome life.  Seun has spend the significant part of my Christian ministry being sensitive to the needs of women who, like myself, have had to deal with major life experiences and testing of faith. In the same way that God has made men wonderfully unique, we know that God has also made women unique from men in so many ways. The set of challenges faced by women are so varied and multifaceted that, it is not always easy to navigate without hitting major obstacles in faith, relationships and work

Seun loves to help and impact people’s lives. She is a graduate and has worked in the field of social work helping people to solve their long life problems. She formally trained studied accountancy before she moved to the field of social worker.  She believes that everyone is an individual and everyone should experience God’s love for us.

God has called Seun to minister to the broken hearted and those who are weary and to bring them to the knowledge of Christ while sharing her own personal life experiences.

Seun presides over a non-profit organisation in the United Kingdom known as Potter’s Daughters Ministries, which was established to help women discover their purpose and mature in their relationship with God, while juggling the demands of life.  We do this through conferences, training and educational material designed to give women the skills necessary to turbo charge their faith and harness the unique revelation of God’s word to invigorate their outlook on life. She believes the word of God is the final authority and she is an author of the book ‘Living in Wholeness.

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